Donkey Kong CoCo 3

Sockmaster hit the heights with a near arcade-perfect conversion of Donkey Kong for the souped-up Color Computer that probably never made it to Europe.  I'm not sure if there's an emulator that can play it properly yet! His site also contains good information on the CoCo 3.


Cronosoft take unreleased software for old systems and publish them on cassette or disk for use on the original hardware.  You can always find a reasonable list of "coming soon" games here.  You can buy Glove here.  ;)

Psytronik Software

A growing publisher covering physical tapes, disks and digital downloads (mostly) for the C64. A combination of new releases and old classics republished.

Minigame Competition

An annual competition dedicated to the making of small games (1K-4K) for old systems.  Recovering and being updated again.

Computer Emuzone

Home to CEZ Games Studio (which makes some games for Spectrum, CPC and MSX) and a number of forums (mostly Spanish, some English).  Sadly, the CEZ team split up, so no more games from them.

The Mojon Twins

One of the two groups to form from the old CEZ group, they regularly make Spectrum and CPC games using the Z88DK C compiler.  They've even made a ZX81 game.  (In Spanish).


The other group to rise from the ashes of CEZ, making Spectrum and MSX games so far. (In Spanish).

Atlantis Games Group

A group making new games for the Atari 8-bit computer.  Also home of Sal Esquivel's (KJMann) music archive, with some nice POKEY conversions.


MSXdev competition - making new games for MSX1 every year!

Bob's Stuff

Bob makes a good number of good Spectrum games and gets them published by Cronosoft!

World XXI Software Inc

A maker of Spectrum games, notably Thieves School. Downloads and physical cassettes sold.

Retro Software

New games for the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron! Tape and Disk physical releases catered for. Forum and wiki.

GR8 Software

New games for the Atari 8-bit published on a newly designed cartridge with extra RAM contained within. English and Polish.

RELEVO Videogames

New games for the MSX and Spectrum, download or buy. Blog in Spanish.

Binary Sciences

New games for the Amstrad CPC, download or buy.

ZX81 Forever

Andre Baune produces an infinite number of new, downloadable games for the ZX81 in both English and French.

Weird Science Software

A number of modern Spectrum games from Hungary.


Increasing the ColecoVision range by making new games and porting MSX/SG-1000 games, available to buy on cartridge.

Opcode Games

Another Coleco porter/game maker with games to buy on cartridge.


Something a little different... These guys are making a cartridge for the MSX which contains a Sega Master System VDP!  Now updated to include soundchips, including SID!


An automated(?) list of uploads to the World of Spectrum, a good place to check occasionally for new games.

Little Shop of Pixels

Creator of a number of new Spectrum games.


New Intellivision games? "Coming soon", yes!


Buy new cartridge games for Megadrive, Lynx and SNES.  Includes newly translated Megadrive RPGs.

Pier Solar

A brand new Megadrive RPG that was years in the making...  and was released!

Magical Game Factory

The makers of Pier Solar try their hand at crowd funding... You can even vote for the style of game they make.

Xeo3 Commodore Plus/4
Xeo3 Spectrum
Xeo3 Amstrad CPC
Xeo3 Amstrad CPC+

Xeo3 is a new horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up for the Commodore Plus/4 by Mike Dailly and Luca Carrafiello.  Now it is being converted to the C64 by Mike Dailly, to the Spectrum by Russell Kay and to the Amstrad CPC by "AndyC".  For the Plus/4, a rolling demo and a YouTube video is available.  Progress was good, but slowed to a crawl over 2007.  The Spectrum and Amstrad CPC versions still exist, but they are moribund.  There is now a CPC+ version in the works, as the game without levels spreads further!  All versions are now very frozen indeed...

Pinball Dreams C64

A Commodore 64 version of Pinball Dreams.  It has reached the demo stage and a semi-playable version can be downloaded.  Another game that stalled during 2007.

World of Spectrum

The main forum and source of information for Spectrum fans.

A very active forum for the Spectrum - in 99% Russian!

A news site & forum for the Spectrum - in 99% Polish!

Oldschool Gaming

A site that keeps track of the new development of old games in a far better way than I ever can.

Most infamous for their quote:
"James McKay has revealed himself to be slightly less than sane by producing the first new Dragon 32/64 and Tandy TRS-80 game in we forget how many years..."

Well, I've made two Tandy games now, so what does that say for my sanity?

The Tandy Color Computer SuperSite

One of the few regularly updated Color Computer websites, mostly CoCo 3-centric. The best Tandy forum and also sells bits of hardware and software.

CoCo Game Dev Forum

The last CoCo brains reside here, trying to game the CoCo back to life.

CoCo Central

A nice looking CoCo site that looks pretty dormant.

CoCo Lounge

Not a forum, but the info on this site will seriously help anyone looking to buy a Tandy Color Computer.

Color Computer News & Info Site

An info and blog site for the Tandy Color Computer.

The Dragon Archive

One of the very few regularly updated Dragon websites...  Now contains an open wiki and forum.

Dragon Wiki

The "original Dragon wiki". A lot of wiki entries, although not as busy, but it's well worth promoting another Dragon site!

CPC Zone

Probably the best Amstrad CPC portal and forum?  Sadly, now in a state of disrepair.

CPC Wiki

The CPC Wiki has a lot of detailed information and a busy forum, which now replaces the old CPC Zone forum.

MSX Resource Center

A good MSX news site and forum.

SMS Power!

The Sega Master System and Game Gear news, forum, music and development site.


Excellent Atari (all kinds) portal and forum.

Denial - The Commodore Vic-20 Community

The Vic-20 place to be! Forum and new game announcements.

The C16 place to be! The forum is a bit quiet, but you could change that by joining!

Commodore Plus/4 World

The Plus/4 place to be! (Yes, I am running out of descriptions). Busier, probably due to the extra 48K available...

Lemon 64

A big C64 news website, not as regularly updated as the old days, but with a very active forum. You can also visit their Amiga site too.

Commodore Computer Club

More than a forum, you can become a member and get help with... stuff.

Format War

Want a forum where you can argue and/or collaborate on multiformat issues?

Tatung Einstein Reborn!

A rather informative site on the Tatung Einstein.

Defence Force

The unsuccessful Oric range is still loved here, includes forum and wiki in English and French.

Logiciels Moto

The very French Thomson range of 6809 machines is covered here. Mostly in French, but the forum does have one section for English speakers.


A growing database of Atari 8-bit and 16-bit games. The forum covers English, French and German languages.

Enterprise Forever

An impressive forum and archive for the impressive Enterprise computer.

Stairway To Hell

An Acorn Electron/BBC Micro archive and forums. No longer updated but still active on the forum.

QL Forum

A still-active forum for the Sinclair QL.

Landover BBS

A still-active forum for the Commodore 128 and PET.

Sinclair ZX World

Very active forums for the ZX80 and ZX81!

Sell My Retro

An online auction site devoted to retro computers. A lot of new hardware turns up for sale here.

RetroAction Magazine

A now ceased PDF magazine covering all sorts of retro releases.

ZX Shed

The sporadic "official" World of Spectrum PDF magazine.


SADLY CLOSED. The owner seeks new programmers for a significant upgrade to the site.
Play Spectrum games in a Java applet with the highscores recorded online and compared with other users! Adds a new competitive edge to single player games. English and Russian catered for!

Virtual Apple II

Play Apple II (and Apple II GS) games in a Java applet, an excellent selection of games, easy to use and proves that this system actually did have a lot of games.

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