Glove Screens.

It begins...  Only 3 (or 6) minutes until you can play the game!

Set up a crossfire to progress quicker.

Cleaning up some easy treasure.

Is this the right place?

Select your controls.

Making life easier for 64K owners.

Lots of ghosts to look forward to once you get round there.

A battle near the exit.

Use them carefully.


I knew there was a good reason to come into this room.

Levels have different features.

Run into trouble.

Fighting back from a safe place.

Attacked by boulders.

Opening doors can cause certain problems.

A heavy bombardment.

Just don't!

Lots of generators here.

Run away!

Fighting through narrow corridors.

Two player action.

In this case, not for long...

Caveman on the run.

The sting in the tail...

Over the top...

There's no such thing as free treasure.

Plenty of treasure.

A very big door!

How do I leave this level?

And the rest is up to you...

James McKay

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(C) James McKay, 2006.